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Ester Kaufman

Citizenship: Argentina


Web site:

Twitter: @EsterKaufman

TE  54 11 47723261

Cell: 54 9 4538 0896

English level: Advanced

Native Spanish speaker



1973. Attorney at Law. School of Law and Social Sciences. Buenos Aires University (UBA, Argentina).

Postgrade 1987.Master in Social Sciences. Latin American University of Social Sciences (FLACSO). Buenos Aires. Argentina.

2004. Postgrade Degree in International Cooperation of Project Development (Education, Sciences and Cultural areas). Ibero – American State Organization (O.E.I) and U.N.E.D. Spain.

Professional Background

Main Area of Professional Performance:

  • Specialist in Open Government
  • Expert in planning, management and auditing International Cooperation Projects related to ICT.
  • Specialist in E-Government and Information Society
  • Expert in public officials training. Blended learning
  • Expert in Communities of Practice and Networks. Virtual Communities.
  • Expert in Collaborative Management, production and evaluation of  Digital Contents in Governmental Web Sites. Intranet. Back Office and multichannel

Positions held

  • 2015. Coordinator: Centro de Estudios de Gobierno Abierto, CIS-IDES-CONICET. / . IDES:
  • 2015: Coordinator: Red Académica de Gobierno Abierto.
  • 2013: Network Coordinator: Collaborative Virtual Domain: Open Government  – Sharing Canada’s Experience in Dialogue with the Americas. DFAIT. Government of Canada.
  • 2013: Director: Red Virtual de Gobierno Abierto para las Américas (Virtual Network Open Government for the Americas (Fondo Canada and ASAEC). See more:
  • 2013. Member of the Jury. Premio de Gobierno Abierto. Red Virtual de Gobierno Abierto para las Américas (Virtual Network Open Government for the Americas
  • 2013. Member of the Jury: Premio Gobernarte: el arte del buen Gobierno. IADB.
  • 2010. Consultant for the IADB. Reasearch and evaluator of One Stop Shop for Enterprises, specially for SME, in Chile, Perú and Uruguay. See at
  • 2005-2011. Evaluator: “FRIDA Program”. ICT Projects audit in Latin American and Caribbean. (Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry, LACNIC and ) and International Development Research Centre, IDRC-Canada). More information:
  • 2003/7: Member of the E-Gov National Program, Under secretariat of Public Management (Chief of Ministry Cabinet, Argentina).
  • 2003: Representative in Argentina of the New Economy Forum (FONE – Mexico)
  • 2012-2014. Academic Coordinator: Ibero American Course: Web Environment and Knowledge Management for high level public directors in e-gov areas, belonging to different LAC governments. Agencies in charge: National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD) and the Latin American School of Administration and Public Policy  (EIAPP)
  • 2008-2011. Academic Coordinator: Ibero American E-Gov Course for the Implementation of “The E-Gov Ibero American Charter”. Agencies in charge: INAP-CLAD-EIAP. TeleINAP
  • 2008. Academic Coordinator: Government Services: IT Institutional Communication Course: IT, Interactions and Social Production of Digital Contents, at a provincial level for IT communicator officials responsible for the Portal or public Web sites.  Agencies in charge: INAP, and The Federal Council of Civil Service (CoFeFuP) Secretariat of Public Management (Chief of Ministry Cabinet, Argentina).
  • 2008-2009: Academic Coordinator: Government Services: IT Institutional Communication Course: IT, Interactions and Social Production of Digital Contents, at a local level, for IT communicator officials responsible for the Portal or public Web sites.  Agencies in charge: INAP, CoFeFuP, and the Secretariat of Municipal Affairs (Ministry of Interior).
  • 2007/8. Evaluator: FONCyT,  PICT (Proyectos de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica), Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica, Ministerio de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología, Argentina
  • 2007.Coordinator: Information and Digital Content Managers Argentinian Forum. E-Gov National Plan. IT National Office (ONTI) and National Institute of Public Administration (INAP). Secretariat of Public Management (Chief of Ministry Cabinet, Argentina).
  • 2006-7: Coordinator: Governmental Web Site Officials Training Program: Management, Production and Evaluation of Digital Contents. ONTI-INAP
  • 2006-7. Coordinator: Interoperability Training Program for E- Gov Liasons (Foreign Commerce areas). One Stop Shop. ONTI-INAP
  • 2006. Coordinator: “Tutor Training Course for E-Government” –aimed at high standing public officials- to support the E-Gov Provincial Plans. Federal Council of Public Management- ONTI-INAP.
  • 2005-2006. Coordinator: “Tutor Training Course for E-Government” –aimed at high standing public officials- to support the E-Gov National Plan. IT National Office (ONTI) and  INAP.
  • 2007 Member of the International Network  INFOCC (Información para el Cambio Ciudadano) .Supported by the Fundación Ciencias de la Documentación.  Spain.
  • Member of ICIE (International Center for Information Ethics)
  • 2001/7: Coordinator of the FLACSO Project on E- Gov and Information Society. Buenos Aires. Argentina
  • 2003/7: Member of LINKS, the first Argentine civil association specialized in the research and development of Information Society  2002/3: Responsible for the Portal Project for the Public Directors of the Argentine National Government.
  • 2002/7: Member of the “IT Professional Forum” IT National Office (ONTI) Under secretariat of Public Management (Chief of Ministry Cabinet, Argentina)
  • 2002/3: Member of the Academic Council of the Permanent Forum of Information and Documentation for the Knowledge Management Program. INAP. Argentina
  • 2002/3: Adviser of the International Cooperation Directors Forum (INAP – Chancellorship, Argentina)
  • 2002: Founding member of the Argentine Law and Information Society Association (AADESI)
  • 2000-1: Member OF the Scientific Committee of IT regulations, V-Lex. Argentina.

Consultant and Technical Adviser

  • 2009: Consultant:  Final Report for CLAD referred to: 1) the statements of governments during the Iberoamerican Forum about the Implementation Strategies related to the Iberoamerican E-Gov Charter, Isla Margarita, Venezuela,16-17 of April, 2009;  and 2) general lines of advances in E-Gov in Iberoamerica and recommendation lines.
  • 2007. Consultant-Auditor. Inter-American Development Bank (IADB): Regional  Virtual Training Program for Latin-American Officials belonging to Legislative and Judicial areas- The Program is also backed by the Spanish Government (Cooperation Founds).
  • 2007. Consultant for the review of legal contents services in the Argentinian Legal IT System (SAIJ: ) Agreement INAP-SAIJ. Argentina.
  • 2006. Consultant.- Evaluator: “Enciclopedia de Misiones”. E-Culture Award (Argentinian Chapter) WSIS. Science and Technology Secretariat (Special Projects), Ministry of Education. “Modeling and Transferring Project”. Also backed by the Social Antropology Centre (IDES). This project received the @LIS DAY Award 2006 in Information Society: headline).
  • 2005. Consultant, International Development Research Centre, IDRC-Canada. In charge of reporting on the use of ICTs in South America in relation to accountability, access to information and transparency in the framework of governance and e-citizen. Responsible for contributing trends and suggestions on future lines of research and project support.
  • 2005. Adviser to the San Martin National University Dean on Information Society. Argentina.
  • 2002. Member of the FLACSO team (Latin American University of Social Sciences) for the research and assistance to the Secretariat of Agriculture on best practices on economic promotion of government portals (business one-stop shop); especially referred to agro foods and the development of that market through the Internet.
  • 1999-2005: Adviser in the development of e-government contents and criteria required by national public agencies. Argentina.
  • 1998-2005: Adviser for national and local governments in e-government subject
  • 1999: Assistance to the IT Arbitration Jury

Research Background

  • 2013-14. Open Government best practices. Open Government Partnership Development. Action plans presented at the Open Government Partnership. IDRC-OAS-RED GEALC
  • 2010. Canadian best practices in *Program Academic Improvement EFF / BCS: “Understanding Canada”.  Issues: E-Government: multichannel delivery, Intranet and Web 2.0, OPSpedia, GCpedia, Public Participation and Citizen Engagement. Local, provincial and federal level. Canadian best practices.
  • 2006-7: Interoperability initiatives in Foreign Trade areas, E-Gov National Plan. ONTI-INAP
  • 2006. Public initiatives in developing countries in delivering public services through cellular messages. New strategies to universalize the access to E-Gov services. M-ICT Project, Science and Technology Secretariat, Ministry of Education. Special Projects. San Juan University Foundation.
  • 2006. Best practices in the Back Office for E-Gov. Interoperability: technological, organizational and semantic: AFIP, ANSES, SIU. INAP Argentina. Tax Identification Code and E-Invoice.
  • 2004-2006: Software Development for the Public Sector. Innovative Systems inside Governmental areas. The University Information System (SIU) case. INAP.
  • 2004-2007. Communities of Practice, Networks, Innovation, Knowledge Management and E-Gov Back Office. INAP
  • 1999-2003: Comparative Analysis among e-government web site contents development
  • 2001: Information flow systems and bureaucratic cultures.

Published works


  • 2012. Aportes para el Gobierno Abierto y la entrega de servicios. Experiencias canadienses (ASAEC and Canadian Embassy in Argentina(. ISBN: 978-987-33-2658-5. Available at (351 pp.: 11 pdf)
  • 2007. Políticas Públicas y Tecnologías. Líneas de acción para América Latina Coord. Ester Kaufman. La Crujía. “Inclusiones” Collection. Buenos Aires. 2007. ISBN: 978-987-601-030-6.

Articles in Books

  • 2015. “Lecciones aprendidas de la experiencia internacional. Lo bueno y lo malo”. En Gobierno abierto: el valor social de la información pública.  Coord. Bojórquez Pereznieto y Hoffman      Ed. Instituto Tabasqueño de Transparencia y Acceso a la Información Pública (ITAIP) y UNAM. México.
  • 2009. “La Formación en Gobierno Electrónico: Experiencias para aprender, compartir y transferir”, Coord: José Luis Tesoro. INAP-RIF-GE.. See more información en
  • 2009: “Identidad local. Los desafíos de la gestión. Web 2.0 y producción comunitaria de contenidos”, co-authorship: Patricia Bertolotti. In Edition..
  • 2009: “Formas de governança eletrônica”, in  Governança Local e as Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação,  Coord. Cunha; M.A., Frey, K. Y Duarte, F. Curitiba: Champagnat, 2007. Brasil..
  • 2008: “Medio y mensaje: líneas de investigación referidas al tratamiento de la información y producción de contenidos en el gobierno electrónico”. Panel: Hacia una nueva agenda en gobierno electrónico: enfoques, temas y experiencias”.XIII International Congress of CLAD about State Reforms and Public Administration. Buenos Aires, Argentina, 4 – 7, November, 2008. See in Ir a documento.
  • 2008: “Ciudades Digitales, TIC y producción de contenido comunitario Web 2.0″, co-authorship P. Bertolotti. II Foro Iberoamericano de e-Democracia y e-Gobierno FIEDEG 2008. Montería. Colombia. noviembre de 2008.
  • 2009: “Hacia un modelo de formación acción: la experiencia de formación-acción para la Ventanilla Única de Gobierno Electrónico” 2007. Panel: “Interoperabilidad: distintas miradas a un problema central del gobierno electrónico”. XII International Congress of CLAD about State Reforms and Public Administration (2007 Oct. 30-Nov. 2, Santo Domingo). See in Ir a documento
  • 2007: “Building the Basis for the Back Office through Communities of Practice”. Latin AmericaOnline: Cases, Successes and Pitfalls Ed: Mila Gascó-Hernández, International Institute on Governance of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain). Idea Group, USA. ISBN .
  • 2007. “La telefonía móvil y los servicios para ciudades” in La innovación ya no es lo que era: Impactos meta-tecnológicos en áreas metropolitanas. Coord. Susana Finquelievich. Dunken. Buenos Aires .
  • 2007:“Sobre Políticas y Modelos de Gestión para el Gobierno Electrónico y la Sociedad de la Información y el Conocimiento. Las recetas ajenas y  los posibles desarrollos propios” in Review:Estado, Gobierno, Gestión Pública Universidad de Chile. Issue Nº 8, 10/1/2007. ISSN 0717-6759, Nº. 8, 2006 ,pags. 125-165, in Text in  Dialnet, Universidad de La Rioja, España- Also see in Politicas y modelos de gestion
  • 2007: Building the Basis for the Back Office through Communities of Practice. Latin AmericaOnline: Cases, Successes and Pitfalls. Ed: Mila Gascó-Hernández, International Institute on Governance of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain) and Idea Group, 2007. More information
  • 2006: “Sistemas Emergentes y Modelos de Gestión para políticas de inclusión digital” 22.09.2006. See in Also see in Sistemas emergentes Modelos de Gestion
  • 2005. E-Citizenship, Good Governance y TIC ( 2005) . 103461 – Pan Americas Regional Consultation. November 29th –30th , 2005  Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • 2005: “Comunidades de Práctica y trastienda del gobierno electrónico. El gobierno electrónico hacia la sociedad de la información: experiencia del Foro Informático”. X International Congress of CLAD about State Reforms and Public Administration. Santiago, Chile, 18 – 21, October,  2005. See in Kaufman2005
  • 2005:“The potential of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in Argentina to articulate Public Organizations into networks”. The Encyclopedia of Communities of Practice in Information and Knowledge Management.. University of Westminster. U.K. Idea Group.. (co-authorship Graciela Falivene). More information in
  • 2005: “Comunidades y redes en la innovación: software y back office. El caso de los comites del SIU en la Argentina”. co-authorship María de Lujan Gurmendi. La informática en la Argentina: Desafíos a la especialización y a la competitividad. Ed: José Borello, Verónica Robert y Gabriel Yoguel, National University of General Sarmiento (UNGS),  Prometeo. Buenos Aires, 2006. See E-Book , or see the article in SIU.
  • “Dos experiencias y un autor … con la ayuda de otros. La sugerente relación entre cybercafés, telecentros y sistemas emergentes” in Ángulos emergentes en Internet . Ed. Finquelievich, Susana. Digital Review RIADEL (Network of research and action for the local development) Third quarter 2005. or in
  • 2005: “E- democracia local en la gestión cotidiana de los servicios públicos: modelo asociativo (público – privado) de gobierno electrónico local” in E-política y E-gobierno en América Latina Ed. Finquelievich, S., LINKS.
  • 2005: “Los modelos participativos de gobiernos electrónicos: Formación de funcionarios y constitución de redes interorganizacionales público privadas”, in TIC y desarrollo local. Municipios e Internet. coord.. Finquelievich, S.. La Crujía. Buenos Aires.
  • 2005: “E-Government and E-Democracy in Latin America: Stages of Development”, in The Encyclopedia of Developing Regional Communities with Information and Communication Technology. Coord. Marshall, et al. Idea Group.
  • 2004. “E-Gobierno en Argentina”, in América Latina puntogob. Casos y tendencias en gobiernos electrónicos. Coord. Araya Dujisin, R. & Porrúa, M. FLACSO Chile & OEA. Digital version: . Also see in America Latina Puntogob .
  • 2004: “El Foro Transversal de Responsables Informáticos: Crisis, Burocracia, Redes y Gobierno Electrónico en la Argentina”, in Tecnología para la Organización Pública: TOP: (Director Oscar Oszlak) . Also in Foro de Responsables Informáticos
  • 2004: “Participación ciudadana y gestión pública: Modelo Asociativo de Gobierno Electrónico Local”, in Participación ciudadana y políticas sociales en el espacio local. Ed:Alicia Ziccardi. Social Research Institute (IIS-UNAM). México. See in También en UNAM
  • 2003: “Panorama Latinoamericano de Gobierno Electrónico”. Alfa-Redi. Universidad Mayor de San Marcos. Peru.  Available in Panorama Latinoamericano de Gobierno Electrónico
  • “Banco de casos del sector público y Red de Posgrados” (2003) Seminario Red de Posgrados e INAP, 30/11/03. paper_kaufman
  • 2003: “Associative model for e gov including digital cities”. Cities Word Summit and local authorities for the Information Society. December 2003,  Lyon France.
  • 2003: “Implementación de un modelo de gobierno electrónico asociativo para impulsar el desarrollo local en la Argentina”. Presentation to @lis (Alliance for the Information Society) European Commission.
  • 2000: Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información. In C.D. in INAP Documentation Centre.
  • “Crónica del poder y control militar en la historia argentina”, 1989, en Bergalli, R. y Marí, E. (coord) Historia ideológica del control social (España Argentina. Siglos XIX y XX) PPU. Colección Sociedad y Estado. Barcelona.

Digital Articles:

  • “A economia em bits” . Co authorship with Florencia Ferrer. Newsletter 12/5/2004, Cámara de Comercio Argentina Brasileira de Sao Paulo (in Portuguese)
  • “La economía en bits, co-authorship Florencia Ferrer. Clarín (Argentina) 12/5/2004.
  • “El gobierno electrónico como herramienta de ahorro interno y de producción económica” co-auhorship Florencia Ferrer. June, 2004 Enredando (Spain)  and Foro de Nueva Economía(México) Ahorro interno y desarrollo economico Ferrer Kaufman
  • “Lo que dejó Curitiba”. May, 2004. Bloggers.
  • “El gobierno electrónico como herramienta de ahorro interno y de desarrollo económico”. Co authorship with Florencia Ferrer. In Enredando (Spain), July, 2004 and in Foro de Nueva Economía (México)
  • “Inclusión digital sobre software libre: El caso de la Isla de Miel” In Enredando (Spain)  July,  2004.
  • “Inclusió digital sobre programari lliure: El cas de l’Illa de Mel”, in Catalan. In Softcalá29/6/2004.
  • “El país del no acceso” In Bloggers: 11/11/2003. Bloggers El país del no acceso
  • “Las políticas públicas argentinas y el gobierno electrónico” In Bloggers Bloggers: Políticas públicas y GE
  • “Gobierno Electrónico Asociativo y desarrollo local” In “Observatorio Tecnológico. Estudio de caso: el uso de las tecnologías de información en empresas de San Martín”. Instituto de Estudios Municipales, Económicos y Sociales (IMES). March, 2003
  • “Puentes entre la administración pública y la gente” . Tribuna Abierta. Clarín. 17/6/2002 co-authorship with Ariana Vacchieri)

Media and Internet Interviews

  • “Ester Kaufman fala sobre novas tecnologias” , Academic Coordinator  of INAP, speak for the blog  about the results of M-Gov researchs
  • “El Gobierno Electrónico es un tema más político que tecnológico”. Punto Gov. Interview about the XIII CLAD Congress. The interview appears in a frame. It is called: “Cómo se mide el gobierno electrónico” : 10/3/2009.
  • Interview in Infobae Profesional. “La sociedad está muy dispuesta a resolver la brecha digital”. 21/09/07
  • Interview in En Linea. Tecnología y Negocios. Telefónica ´s Digital Newsletter:  “La apropiación de tecnología por parte de la sociedad es un hecho”.
  • Interview made by the  Ciencias de la Documentación Fundation,Spain,  November, 2006. About a participative methodology related to a collective production of digital contents and citizen empowerment.
  • “La Enciclopedia de Misiones, ahora un modelo para armar”. Digital Newspaper Primera Edición. Posadas (24.09.2006).
  • “Enciclopedia de Misiones, contenidos digitales en colaboración: Replicarán portal misionero a otras provincias de Argentina”. Digital Newspaper El Territorio, Posadas (26.09.2006).
  • “Talleres culturales para todas las edades”. Digital Newspaper Misiones On Line. (25.09.2006)
  • “La Enciclopedia de Misiones recibe el Premio @lis”. (20) kaufman1.wmv Posadas (02.10.2006)
  • Interview on Channel 12.

Lectures and Seminars

  • 2014. Lecturer at OGP Regional Meeting. San José de Costa Rica, November 18. Book presentation: “Teoría y Práctica del Gobierno Abierto. Lecciones de la experiencia internacional”.
  • 2014. Key Speaker at WAID 2014. Universidad Católica Argentina.
  • 2013. Key Speaker. “Open Gov Models”. November 11. Fundación VALOS. Mendoza. Argentina. See at
  • 2013. Key Speaker “New challenges for Open Gov. Collaborative Web Environments”. CIGOB Recursos humanos para gobiernos abiertos. June 11. Ppt en
  • 2011. Key Speaker “Update, developments and perspectives towards Open Gov in Argentina”.Foro PoliTICs Gobiernos Locales. CIGOB. 14/12/11. Video:
  • 2006.  June, 12. Videoconference for the Postgrado of E-Government. Universidad Virtual del Tecnológico de Monterrey. México. Seminar “Planeación y Administración de los Servicios Públicos”. Topic: New challenges in the State concerning  ICT uses. Asociative Governments and Communities of Practice.
  • 2006. September. Lecture at the IT Graduate School. La Plata. Argentina
  • 2005. August. “Seminario de Gobierno Electrónico y Modernización de la Gestión Pública”, 2005., Saenz Peña. Chaco Province, Argentina. Declared a provincial interest issue by decree. Lectures: Ester Kaufman, José Luís Tesoro & José Carllinni. Broadcast to several provinces and municipalities by Videoconference.
  • 2005, September. Speaker at the Seminar on IT Laws (Argentine Society of IT Laws-SAIJ) Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba. Argentina.
  • 2003. September. Sole lecturer on E-Government at the National Senate of Mexico. Invited by PRD Senator Jesus Ortega Martinez. 1998/ 2003.
  • Several seminars on E-Government for public agencies.

Teaching Background

Some background items regarding Positions Held are mentioned here because two different roles are performed.

  • 2012-2014. Academic Coordinator: Iberoamerican Course on Web Environments and Knowledge Management. INAP-CLAD-EIAPP. TeleINAP.
  • 2008-2011: Academic Coordinator and Proffesor in the Programme mencioned in “Position held” related to INAP: E-Gov Iberoamerican Course (CLAD-EIAPP) and Government Services: IT Institucional Communication Course (for provinces and municipalities organized by INAP, Public Management Secretariat, CoFeFuP and  Local Issues Secretariat
  • 2010-11. Academic Coordinator and Professor in the Seminar for experts Intranet and Web 2.0. Back Office in delivery services. Canadian experiencies. INAP. Argentina.
  • 2009. Universidad Católica Argentina. “Interdisciplinary Programme in Public Lidership and Local Management”. ciudad”
  • 2008-2009: IT and Law Course:. Rosario. Argentina. Centro de Capacitación Judicial y Secretaría de Informática del Poder Judicial de Santa Fe.
  • 2007. Argentinian Legal IT System Training Program for public officials (  Workshop: “Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad del Conocimiento. Gestión, Producción y evaluación de contenidos jurídicos para el Portal SAIJ”. Agreement: INAP-SAIJ. Argentina
  • 2007 Monthly Open Workshops on Information Management at the ONTI and INAP. Blended Learning modality. First Program:
  • 2006-7. Governmental Web Site Officials Training Program: Management, Production and Evaluation of Digital Contents. ONTI-INAP
  • 2006. Interoperability Training Program for E- Gov Liasons (Foreign Trade areas). One Stop Shop.ONTI-INAP.
  • 2006. “Tutor Training Course for E-Government” –aimed at high standing public officials- to support the E-Gov  Provincial Plans. Federal Council of Public Management- ONTI-INAP.
  • 2005-2006. “Tutor Training Course for E-Government” –aimed at high standing public officials- to support de E-Gov National Plan. IT National Office (ONTI) and National Institute of Public Administration (INAP).
  • 2005. Seminar of E-Government. Master in Public Politics.  National University of  Lanús. (UNLA) Argentina. Coordinator-Professor
  • 2003-4: Post grade of ” Digital Government ” National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF)
  • 2003: Professor in charge of the International Seminar “Information Society and E-Government”, organized by Guerrero Government, American University of Acapulco and the International Institute of Advanced Political Studies  Instituto Internacional de Estudios Políticos Avanzados “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano”. Mexico.
  • 2000-2001 Tutor in charge of courses for mayors, governors and legislators “State and ICTs”. Public Politics Research Institute Instituto de Investigación y Políticas Públicas “Hernandez Colon”. Puerto Rico. U.S.A.

Research Director

2004. Responsible for Post grade research on Digital Government . National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF).1998- 2000. Responsible for research on the underlying criteria in public management organization through government webs. Comparative analysis between governments on specific services and information (INAP senior Management)

Participant  at Scientific Meetings

  • Speaker in Semana de Canadá en Paraguay: 100 años de nacimiento de Marshall McLuhan. La arquitectura de la aldea global. Theme: “Intranet 2.0 and Back Office in the Government of Canada”. 17-17/3/2011. Asunción, Paraguay, Universidad Autónoma de Asunción. Canada Embassy. CPEC. Toronto University.
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